Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy

For the past 15 years or so, I have been suffering with limb girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) which has slowing become worse.  It is a genetic disease that runs in my Moore family tree primarily involving those muscles at the junction of my limbs and trunk, such as my low back muscles, hips, upper legs, and shoulders.

Fortunately, it did not start until after age 50 and has been slowly progressive.  Ambulation is now becoming more of a problem, and I have begun relying on a walker for balance and using my arm strength.  My walking distance is also limited by my shortness of breath, a holdover from my pulmonary emboli.

Driving is still possible however, because my lower legs and arms are still strong, so I can steer, accelerate, and brake without difficulty.  My Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV is a big help because it has a high center of gravity, and the seats are at the perfect level that are even with my backside for sitting down and getting out of the vehicle.

The longest ongoing problem has been arising from chairs and sofas, which are usually too low for my weak muscles.  Fortunately my bed happens to be very high above the floor, so it is not a challenge.  My favorite leather arm chair in the living room is a Bob Timberlake "Gentleman's Chair" which I have elevated on four inch blocks (bed risers/lifters).  For cooking, I have an armless drafting chair in the kitchen which is on casters, so that I can scoot around from the refrigerator to the counters and stove easily.  It has a hydrolic lift post that elevates it nicely.

For the past 10 years, I have been using an "Old Dollar" leather office chair in my small office at the back of my house.  It is so old that the hydrolic post would not go high enough and I kept adding cushions to the seat for height.  Though, it has been so comfortable and still looks good, it just had to be replaced with a new office chair that is more practical.

I have been shopping at Big & Tall Clothing stores for years, so imagine my surprise when Office Depot advertised a "Big and Tall" leather office chair.  I went into the store for a test drive, and discovered its hydrolic post rises to a very good height, and the seat is wider and deeper than most other office chairs.  It is even rated for 500 pounds!  It was on sale for $150 off the list price at $250, plus I could spend an extra $8 dollars to have them assemble it.  I hate assembling anything, and the reviews said it took two people and was very difficult to assemble because the pieces were so heavy.  So now, I am comfortable at my computers again.

Big & Tall Office Chair!
(Carpet is beige -- don't know where the green came from.)

For more information on LGMD, click on this link:


anne marie in philly said...

nice chair!

so sorry to hear your ability to get around is being compromised; perhaps you need one of those scooters like peter (tipping the scales) has.

smooches to you and barry!

Anonymous said...

I echo anne marie's sentiments: I know getting around is a basic need, and when it's tough, life is tough.

I will be checking out OD's "Big and Tall" chair. I, too, need a new one. This looks perfect!

Peace <3