1. Do you have a favorite flower?  Several and the rose is among the top of the list!  I also like daffodils,

 azaleas, magnolia and bougainvillea a lot!  I just bought a beautiful purple bougainvillea hanging basket for my deck,
 along with a red knockout rose, and a red geranium.
Geranium and knock-out rose
2. Do you like your name (first)?  My first name is David, which I do like very much.  I am a "junior" named after my father, so I also have his middle name of  Elmo, which I hate.  My mother was upset that I did not name my first born son, the "III."  No way was I giving him the name Elmo.
3. Does your name have a meaning?  Beloved.

4. Do you have nickname?  No, and I dislike being called Dave.  David in Hawaiian is "Kamika."

5. Would you ever consider changing your name?  No.  I like my last name "Jeffreys," but I would prefer it to be "Moore" which is my mother's maiden name, because my Moore ancestry is so illustrious.

6. What name have you heard that you hate?  I don't care for those African-American names that sound made up!

7. What name have you heard that you love?  My preference is toward English, Irish, and Scottish names.  My sons are named Brian and Gregory, and my grandson is named Ian.

8. How did you pick the name of your pet?  Had a hard time finding a new name for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi and "MoJo" seemed to come out of nowhere!  Turns out it has been the perfect name.
MoJo, just a puppy on his way to his new home!
9. Do you name inanimate objects? Name some of them.  No.  However, some of my friends have always named their vehicles, but then they are not inanimate, are they?


Anonymous said...

#4 is interesting. I have a bf, also David, who when asked if he minded being called Dave, just answers "no, just remember there's no 'e' in David"! It's like guys whose name is Stephen that get called Steve. Why do we need to shorten their names anyway?!?!?!

I also agree with #6. Working in a school system, I am appalled at the monikers some parents inflict on their children. How about Shi'thead? Oh, and meet "Maryjuana". Poor kids.

I'm a third...I felt like Andrew Wiggins in Orson Scott Card's "Enders Game" a lot of the time.

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

Daffodils are my favorite flowers too.

David Jeffreys said...

MoJo just had his 11th birthday yesterday. So does that make him 77 compared to my 71.5 years?