Well, I have been rather down and feeling sorry for myself.  Left leg has been terrible with cellulitis/lymphedema.  Admitted to the hospital for eight days, where they investigated more problems with low blood pressure (down to 70/30), shortness of breath (better known as SOB, yea it is a son of a bitch), cardiac arrhythmias, etc.  Worse of all, the muscular dystrophy weakness in my legs has increased making ambulation even more difficult!

So this past Saturday, I held a "pity party" for myself and decided I needed something from my more youthful days to cheer me up.  When I graduated from high school and was attending college, madras clothing was all the rage.  Our high school graduation dance and party was held at the old Washington Duke Hotel in downtown Durham and madras clothing was seen in abundance. Guys wearing madras shorts and/or shirts.  Gals wearing madras shirt-waist dresses.

Madras cotton fabric is woven in Madras, India and is often known as "bleeding madras" because as it is washed, it slowly fades and the colors tend to run together.  When in high school, I had two madras shirts similar to these, especially the yellow one and the other was more green/blue in hue.  So imagine my surprise, when Googling madras, I came across these beautiful shirts for sale at Ralph Lauren in my size!  The yellow shirt was made in India and the red shirt was made nearby in Sri Lanka.

Cheer up, David.  Wearing them and pretending to be in my youth again.

Selfie wearing new Madras shirt!


anne marie in philly said...

OMB, I did not know you were in the hospital! losing mobility robs oneself of independence.

1968 - madras and nehru jackets were EVERYWHERE! good for you to purchase a pretty new frock or two!

smooches to you and barry!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are healing David! I know it sucks.

I had a Madras sports jacket in high school (74-76). I thought it was awesome, and even my friends liked it.

Peace <3

the cajun said...

Sorry to hear of your frustrating state of physical affairs. You KNOW I can identify with your situation. Ah, Madras, and as Anne Marie alluded to it, Nehru Jackets and whlte linen Indian shirts, sandalwood incense were everywhere in NYC. That is until the African influence took over and Dashiki shirts were everywhere.

Keep on trucking, my friend. Cheers!

Ron said...

Whenever, I'm feeling a bit down buy a nice shirt, always a pickup. And the Madras is YOU!