I am gradually getting better, now having picked up the ability to move from bed to bedside commode to wheel chair using a slider board.

Since my bedroom is going to be remodeled with new flooring and new doorways, I am temporarily using a hospital bed in the living room.  The hospital bed is most uncomfortable, in which I get stuck and unable to move, especially my legs were are like a ton of weight!

The home health nurse is still dressing my left cellulitis leg every other day.  Physical therapists and occupational therapists are now coming out two to three times a week.

At least I can move around my house and get into the kitchen and computer study with my wheel chair.  There is still talk of of a powered wheelchair.

Biggest job at the moment is removing clutter, which has always been one of my handicaps, but now is a necessary challenge


anne marie in philly said...

this IS good news indeed! you certainly don't want to return to the hospital. purge with a vengeance!

brenda J in Raleigh said...

Congratulations, David! Great progress and determination. Now you are home, take it easy, slow .. no rush to do things at home. Best to do is slowly and carefuly and get mission accomplished without accident. Glad you are able to get back into your kitchen, Office, computer, etc. This will give you more confidence each day .

Jay M. said...

I am SOOOO happy to hear that while still tough, things are getting better!

May this trend continue!

Peace <3

ps...could you please update my blog URL in your blogroll? I am now at

the cajun said...

I got sprung a week ago and it has been an overwhelming experience for me, too. Haven't found a "ground floor" place to live yet, so I get no home health care at all. I am only allowed up and down the flight of stairs once daily, and sometimes even that is a strain. I can walk indoors a bit better, but outdoors is still very scary, indeed.
To my eyes, being home isn't all it's cracked up to be, though it beats the hospital any day.
Good luck my friend and I hope you get the extra care you need.

Vicki said...

I hope you continue to get stronger by the day . So glad to hear you are becoming more mobile. Keep up the good work!!!

Ur-spo said...

I too am glad to know this.