Meme: How well do you know me? (#1)

Of the five individuals below, one is incorrect.  In the comments section which follows, guess which one is NOT true:

I have personally met and interacted with the following individuals:

1 - Jackie Gleason   True - I performed an EEG (Electroencephalogram) on him at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami for headaches.

2 - Lyndon Johnson  FALSE.  I did see him in person at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport across the tarmac while he was boarding Air Force One.

3 - Bob Hope   True - Bob Hope was our celebrity fundraiser for Parkinson's Disease research at the Fontainebleu Hotel on Miami Beach.  I worked for the Parkinson Institute in Miami at the time.

4 - Jean Claude ("Baby Doc") Duvalier   True - I flew to Haiti with one of the neurologists that I was working for with an EMG machine.  We performed an EMG and nerve conduction velocities on his weak leg.  The test was normal and the weakness was due to a cast that had been left on the leg too long for a sprained ankle.

5 - William Dement ("Father of Sleep Medicine")   True - Dr. Dement came to Wilmington to be a keynote speaker at our convention.  I met him at the airport and brought him to my home so that he could freshen up before he had an appearance on the local TV station.  While at that convention, he nominated me for president of the association and I was voted in.

Which one is wrong???


anne marie in philly said...

I say #4

David Jeffreys said...

Anne Marie, thanks for your entry, but I am not going to reveal the answer until more people have responded.

Cubby said...

I say #2 Lyndon Johnson.

David Jeffreys said...

Thanks Cubby for your entries in my memes. I've enjoyed reading your blog also. Keep tuned -- answers coming later.

David Jeffreys said...

You were correct, Cubby!

Cubby said...