Meme: How well do you know me? (2) TRAVEL

1 - I have been to 48 of the 50 United States!  Name the two states that I have NOT been to.  Alaska and New Mexico.

2 - True or false:  All of my travel has been in the northern hemisphere.  True.

3 - Name the city below that I have NOT been to:

   a. Bangkok, Thailand     True.

   b. Paris, France     FALSE.

   c. Beijing, China    True. 

   d. Athens, Greece    True.

   e. Taipei, Taiwan    True.

   f. London, England    True.

   g. Seoul, Korea    True.

4 - Which one of the following HIGH places that I have NOT been to?

   a. Seattle Space Needle    True.

   b. CN Tower in Toronto    True.

   c.  Mount Mitchell    True.

   d. Sears Tower, Chicago   FALSE, though I have been to Chicago many times.

   e.  Empire State Building   True. 

5 - Which rapid transit or subway have I NOT ridden on?

   a. New York SUBWAY    True.

   b. London UNDERGROUND    True.

   c.  Chicago EL   FALSE, though I have been to Chicago many times.

   d. Atlanta MARTA    True.

   e. Washington METRO    True.

   f.  Miami METRORAIL     True.


anne marie in philly said...

1. AK and HI

2. true

3. c

4. d

5. c

Cubby said...

1. Idaho and Montana
2. True
3. Athens
4. Space Needle
5. Miami Metrorail

David Jeffreys said...

Anne Marie, you get partial credit!

David Jeffreys said...

Cubby, you didn't do too well on this one!