Why Vote for Obama for President in 2012?

MITT ROMNEY was born with a silver spoon in his mouth to rich parents, and all he knows is rich people.  If you think he is interested in you, a middle-class citizen, think again.  He wants to make sure the wealthy keep getting tax breaks, and hiding his own tax breaks by not revealing his income tax returns.  All he talks about is the economy, because he believes that is Obama's weak point, but he has no positive solutions to offer to better the economy.  What does he know about any other issue such as foreign affairs, global climate change, energy, and improving America's infrastructure.  He is not pro job creation -- ask the auto workers in his home state of Michigan, who have jobs today because of Obama's bailout of the auto industry, most of which has been repaid to the treasury.  Romney is not pro education and does not want to help out college students by finding a way to deal with the excessive college loans.

Romney wants to repeal Obamacare, so that we can return to the days when the insurance industry took our money without providing benefits, and to help big pharma continue high pharmaceutical prices.  You have already been paying Medicare taxes for years for those over 65 years of age.  Why not pay a little more, and include coverage for yourself and your family, so that everyone is covered from birth to death?

Romney has no plan to reduce the deficit that Bush created with his wars on China's credit card, because he will not allow taxes to return to the levels under the Clinton administration.  Trickle down theory has already been proven to not work.   Put everyone back to work especially the middle class, paying fair taxes and the economy will improve.  Obama wants to create jobs improving the infrastructure -- bridges, roads, schools -- which will not only create work, but keep us safe as well.

Finally, Romney only has tolerance for wealthy white men, such as himself.  He has no tolerance for women's rights, Hispanics, blacks, or gays.  Be careful in what you wish for: smaller government and lower taxes.  A smaller government which does not provide for education, healthcare, social security and Medicare for the elderly.  Lower taxes for the wealthy -- yes a lower rate than you pay as a middle-class citizen.

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