Silver Stream Stories

It seems that I had my own 9/11 disaster this week, which in retrospect would have been funny enough to win $50,000 on AFV if it had been video recorded! This past week physical therapy obtained an UpLift seat for me to use.
UpLift seat in a chair
 It gives me a boost to lift myself from a low chair to grab my walker and make a transfer and works great -- well a little to good in this case.  At 6:30 in the evening after dinner, I was straightening up my room.  Needed to add some distilled water from a gallon jug  on the floor to my CPAP reservoir.  Put the reservoir on my bed, and then rolled to the side in my wheelchair to grab the gallon water.  Remember that I am in my wheelchair on the UpLift seat and the wheels of the chair are not locked!   As I leaned down to pick up the water, my weight on the seat shifted enough for the lift mechanism to go into action.  It ejected me, the wheelchair moving backwards, and I landed sitting on the floor.  Thank goodness, other than a sore bottom, I was not hurt.  In reach was my nurse call bell, my room door was open and I yelled "help" and the nurses were quickly  in the room.  They got the Hoyer Lift to get me off the floor and into bed.
Hoyer Lift machine

The next morning, I had an appointment with my infectious diseases doctor, whose office is also located two blocks away on Silver Stream Lane.  The attendant arrived and tried putting me in my wheelchair in the back of the van that they have for transport.  BUT my wheelchair was an inch or two too  wide to fit on the lift mechanism.  So deciding that she needed the exercise to lose weight, Kim pushed me on foot to the doctor's office.  After the appointment was over, she hoofed it back to get me.  I got some sun and fresh air and Kim got some exercise!

Dr. Berthold was pleased with the progress of my healing leg cellulitis.  She said that the IV antibiotic
IV pump at work
would run for another week via the PICC line.  Then the PICC line
PICC line where it enters my right arm
would be removed and I will start the same antibiotic (Keflex) by mouth.

Left leg cellulites unwrapped on 9-12-2014 


Anonymous said...

That's a little too much excitement for me! WOW! Glad you are ok. And tell someone to put an interlock on that rocket launcher before you wind up in orbit somewhere!

Glad things are healing!

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

Thank you for the updates
My mother has an uplift device; she likes it.
I hope that leg heals soon and well.

Mia Walsh said...

Hi David,
So sorry to hear you are still having such health issues. Your leg looks like it still has a long way to go... I hope it isn't too painful. It sounds like you have good care, which makes the journey so much more tolerable. Hang in there and stay positive!

Mia Langston Walsh

the cajun said...

Funny story, glad you're OK. Good news about the lift, and the wounds. May the healing continue apace.