I Want To Go Home

The last time I was in my home was June 3!  That was the day I went to the Emergency Room due to a cellulitis infection, ended up in the Intensive Care Unit, very delirious and almost died. The month before I was in the hospital having a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted.  So, since June 3, I have been a patient at New Hanover Regional Medical Center and/or Silver Stream Rehabilitation.  Almost four months and I want to go home soon.

The good news is that the cellulitis ulcers and wounds are really beginning to heal nicely, but I still have  to have my left lower leg wrapped on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I am still very wheelchair dependent and can walk only short distances with my walker.  At least I can make transfers now  between bed, bedside commode, and wheelchair pretty independently.

Anticipating going home soon, I have had a 35 foot wheelchair ramp built that goes from my front porch down to the driveway which includes two 90 degree turns. After the treated wood has dried out, the ramp will be painted green to match the house trim.

No doubt I will also have to make some modifications inside the house as well, such as widening doorways.


Ur-spo said...

Yikes! June 3rd! It's amazing you have not lost your marbles.

Anonymous said...

You are a strong man, sir. I would have gone nutso by now!

The ramp looks good!

Peace <3