1. In general (we'll get to the politics in a few) do you watch the Winter Olympics?

Yes, I do enjoy watching many of the sports.

2. Winter or Summer?

Both, but I like the Summer games better -- especially swimming and diving.

3. What are your favorite winter events? Do you follow any of them outside the game?

The ice skating in its various forms is my favorite; however, I do like a lot of the others such as the skiing, luge, etc.  No, I only watch these during the Olympics.

4. Which sport needs to stay and which one needs to go?

I like the new snowboarding sports.
I could do without the summer beach volleyball!

5. Which is the weirdest sport?

Several are weird especially Curling, but still fun to watch.

6. What is your POV on boycotting The Olympics by countries and or athletes?

I don't think I would participate or encourage a family member to go to countries where terrorism is a distinct possibility such as Russia.  Politically, I don't like Russia's anti-gay attitude.

7. Are you boycotting NBC or any Olympic sponsors?

No, but I think that Jim McKay and ABC were much better at broadcasting the Olympics.

8. Do you think boycotts are effective?

Generally, yes.

9. If you were an athlete what would you do?

I would not have gone to Russia this year -- see #6.

COMMENT:  I think the IOC should stop the bidding process for the sites.  In my opinion, the Olympics belong, where they originated in Greece.  Greece held them relatively recently and already has the venues, infrastructure, and a new airport at Athens.  Today, Greece is mostly non-political, and could surely use the income to improve their economy.  Currently, the games are much too expensive for the hosting countries and often add to the taxpayer burden, plus the added expense for security with the heightened risk of terrorism.


Ur-spo said...

I was in Mexico for them; I missed it all.
I have heard rumors the facilities were less than ideal. Russia is going to get a bad review on Tripadvisor, I fear.

BrightenedBoy said...

I just cannot be converted to the Kindle. Nothing, in my view, replaces a paper-and-ink book, but I understand your reasons for going digital.