TMI: ROAD TRIP suggested by Sean

1. Pilot or navigator?  I can do either, but I have always preferred to drive.  However, I am content to be navigator or just passenger when my sons drive, because I feel safe and secure with them.  These days, I rely on "Tom" as my navigator.  He does quite well unless I forget to update his information with the computer.

2. Were you ever able to read a map?  I love maps and keep them handy by all of my favorite chairs and my desk.  I find a reason to consult them almost daily.  Now I often consult Google Earth for even more information.
North Carolina.
3. Can you sleep or read in a car?  I can sleep if I am really tired and can trust the driver (see #1 above).  No way can I read though because I easily get car sick.  When I was a kid, I could not even ride in the back seat without getting car sick.  Oddly enough, I can read without a problem when flying.

4. Driving in the snow is_________? Was fun years ago if there were no other cars near by.  Now I am too old to have fun in the snow.  Driving on ice, however, was always terrifying.

5. Music, talk or audio books? NO radio talk programs, but I do like having conversations with my passengers.  If I am alone, I like to listen to music, often CDs when I can't get a decent radio station.  Never have listened to audio books, but I've never  spent enough time commuting to listen to them.

6. Pack a snack or road kill?  Never do I pack a snack, although I make sure I have something to drink even if it is only water.  By road kill, I assume you mean drive-throughs and fast food and yes, I am ready, especially at a Subway.

7. Direct or scenic route?  On long trips, I take the direct route to get there in a reasonable time frame.  However, I love to take scenic trips of the back country of my home state, North Carolina.  And (#6) I might even stop at an unknown "Mom and Pop" restaurant if the parking lot is full.

8. Car games? Only when I was a child.  Counted many kinds of animals and had to bury them every time we passed a graveyard, and thus start over.

9. Can you fix a flat?  Well, I have "changed" many a flat tire, but not "fixed" them.  I would take them to be "fixed" while using the spare.  The last time I changed a flat was on my Volvo on my farm road. Forgetting what my mission was for that trip, I drove straight to the tire store, and bought a set of new Michelins, because I had already changed too many of the original "roadie" tires that came on the vehicle.

10. Have you ever been or picked up a hitchhiker? Never have I done either.  My mother preached and preached that lesson into my head when I was a teenager.


anne marie in philly said...

hi david; hope all is well with you and barry.

maps are the coolest thing on earth; I have always loved geography. my co-workers come to me 9 times out of 10 and ask "where is (country name)?" if they encounter an unfamiliar spot.

Ur-spo said...

I was hope you would post; I enjoyed reading your answers.

Anonymous said...

(I'm late, sorry.)

Sounds like we think a lot alike. Cool post!

Peace <3