Keeping Up Appearances

I love many of the Brit Sitcoms, and certainly Keeping Up Appearances is one of my favorites.

After watching the British comedy a million times, I have made the following conclusions, mainly about the sisters:

ROSE:  The most beautiful of flowers and thus the most beautiful sister.  She is a red rose attracting a lot of suitors; however, her thorns cause her to lose them almost immediately.  Her flirting embarrasses the "proper" Hyacinth.


DAISY:  Just a common country flower, but she thinks she is attractive and beautiful constantly wooing her husband, Onslow.   But because Onslow is so indifferent, she pulls off the petals one at a time, saying "he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, . . ."  
Hyacinth is embarrassed by Daisy, because she did not marry well, and is poor.


VIOLET: Never ever appears on the show, thus she is a "shrinking violet." She communicates only by phone mainly about her cross-dressing husband, who wears her clothes.  Violets are purple, but her husband is more purple than she is.  She has married well and is wealthy and has a swimming pool, Mercedes and room for a pony.  Hyacinth is impressed with Violet.


HYACINTH:  A very stately proper flower of many colors and fragrances.  Her stalk is very straight, and her beautiful trumpet like flowers are all arranged in neat vertical rows.  She knows that she is the BEST flower, and will not be outdone by other flowers, and rather looks down on them.  When the wind blows her little trumpets, she makes a horrible sound, though thinks she sings beautifully.  She is very disappointed that her species is not a climbing flower, because she thinks climbers are too haughty and disapproves of them, but not so secretly envies them.  She thinks that living in a country manor attic and road testing a Rolls Royce for others to see will impress them.  Thus, she invites them to her very proper "candlelight suppers."  Though she scatters grain for her hen-pecked husband, she describes him as "executive." 


Then there is ELIZABETH, Hyacinth's next door neighbor, who comes for coffee.  Now Elizabeth is a "Royal" name, but not where Hyacinth is concerned.  She is afraid that Elizabeth will break her Royal Doulton china, so she gives her a beaker instead.  Even though it is just a coffee, Hyacinth treats it as if it were "high tea" serving biscuits on a doily.  

Here is one of the episodes that highlights most of my observations:


Anonymous said...

I loves me some Hyacinth BOUQUET!!!

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

Hyancith and my mother are very much alike; it's uncanny. Several people have told me so.

David Jeffreys said...

I'll assume you mean in physical appearance rather than in "proper" fussitude!

fussitude: n. made up for Ur-spo to have a new word for Monday, meaning being overly fussy. Also: meaningless letters used to prove you are not a robot!

Ur-spo said...


Harpers Keeper said...

I am a witness that Spo speaks the truth in this case. HB and MoS (Mother of Spo) could be twins.