David E. Jeffreys, Sr. (My Father)

Well, I am a junior, a chip off the old block!

How do I know I am old?  My father would be 110 years old if he were living.  Unfortunately, he died when he was less than half that age at 51, and I was only 11.  That was way back in September, 1954. My mother outlived him by another 46 years!

What to call him?  To me, he was just Dad.  He grew up being called by his middle name, Elmo, and so all of the Jeffreys side of the family called him "Elmo."  But to everyone else, including my mother, he was "Jeff."  Since we saw my paternal relatives much less than my maternal relatives, he was Jeff; a name that all his work colleagues also called him.

My parents were married for 19 years before he died, having married in 1935 at Lady Slipper Cove on the front porch.  They honeymooned at Niagara Falls.
Honeymoon at Niagara Falls!

He worked for only one company his whole life -- the Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Tennessee, based in Nashville.  I know that he worked there for over 25 years, because I inherited his 25 year pin with a diamond in it.
My father is on the right in the front row.

Meeting of the L&C agents at Turnages's BBQ in Durham, NC.


Anonymous said...

A fine tribute to a fine father! Nice post, David Elmo Jeffreys, Jr.! I am Joseph Gerald Murphy III, so I get the importance of the name.

Peace <3

David Oliver said...

New blogger here and was surfing around looking for interesting people and blogs. I won't say a blog is interesting unless I say why, so this comment is probably going to be a little long. It might seem odd to some people looking at photos of strangers. In fact most people do it a lot - they look at pictures of celebrities all the time and will likely never see the celeb in person or exchange a word with them. Your photos documented a life and a life style that I can relate to. They are the pictures I saw growing up - family members - parents, etc., when they were young.

Not only that but these are really good photos. You and your Dad dressed up, you can tell he's accustomed to wearing a suit. You are not. Your Mother has an absolutely stunning smile and she looks genuinely happy. Your Father holding the cigar off to the side...

Finally, the meeting of business men...all drinking beer! That completed the story. It was kind of like - cheers! - this is my life.

David Jeffreys said...

Welcome, David to my corner of the blog world. You characterized my family pictures very well! I looked at your profile and will be interested in looking at your blogs.

I notice that one of them is on genealogy, and you will discover that I am a genealogy nut if you visit http://stephenmoore-mounttirzah.blogspot.com/.

David Oliver said...

I didn't read a lot of the site because I'm not related. That said, I can certainly appreciate the work you have done, the amount of data you have and the layout. The Stephen Moore family must be very appreciative.