The only time that I have been "South of the Border" was on a Nicolet Biomedical "2000 and beyond" sponsored trip. While it was supposed to be work - I did give presentations during the day - it was more like fun! From the time we arrived, fun was planned as in this pool volleyball tournament. 

This area of Mexico along the Pacific Ocean is rugged hillside with craggy boulders. Though the beach as such was scarce, that did not stop the water sports, which included boating, water-skiing, jet skiing and so on.

For those who did not want to venture out into the natural waters, there were three pools for the hotel guests. These pools might be used for serious swimming or volleyball, or just being lazy and floating.

The pools seemed like part of the natural landscape as they were carved into the surrounding rocks and beautified with fountains, so that the sound of flowing and splashing water could be heard everywhere, even the guest rooms, which were also part of the hillside.

The hotel was so skillfully carved into the cragginess that it seemed natural. One could get plenty of exercise just walking from level to level of the hotel, its surroundings, and to the ballroom where our meetings were held.

Bougainvillea, alamander, and other flowers could be seen everywhere. This fabulous hotel was the Camino Real. Near the end of our week, the awards banquet was held. You can see in the picture that the location was ideal - what a view -- until we remembered that this was the rainy season. Half way through the meal, we

 had to grab our steaks and wine and run for cover! Even the awards ceremony under the covered patio with the rain pouring down outside was charming! 

Even though I did not go to the cliffs to see the infamous Pearl Divers, Acapulco was wonderful! Where shall I go next in Mexico? Cancun?


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anne marie in philly said...

I C U in the back row! I hear cancun and cabo are nice!