I have always hated snakes.  As far as I am concerned, they are all poisonous!  Forget about the slit or round pupil or the round vs. triangular head. (No, I am talking about two eyes snakes, not one eyed!)

Well, I have finally found a new snake that is wonderful!  And actually it is a COBRA model LX40030.

My master bedroom toilet has been clogged for two days.  Tried the plunger.  No go. Tried a full bottle of Drano and the plunger.  No go.  Added another bottle of Drano to the mix and tried the plunger.  No go.  Let the toilet sit overnight, thinking all that Drano would eventually go to work.  Used the plunger again.  No go.  Now I am too cheap to call the plumber, especially since it is the weekend when I would have to add an emergency charge to the regular high fees.  Internet to the rescue.  Googled toilet snake and voila! the Cobra Household Toilet Auger available at Lowe's came up.  Then spent a whole $8 at Lowe's for the product:
DIY-David reads the instructions (very simple) and goes to work.  Within 5 minutes, there is a sucking sound as the contents of the bowl go down. GO!


anne marie in philly said...

one-eyed snakes, sucking sound...

(my naughty mind at work)

glad you fixed your problem most inexpensively!

{{{{{hugs}}}}} to you and barry!

Anonymous said...

I love snakes! All kinds! Especially those that unplug toilets, but the others keep mice and things away from my house.

Peace <3