My Father and His Brothers

Many of you who follow this blog know that I have a keen interest in genealogy.  My maternal family, the Moores, have prolific documentation in libraries around the country because of the first three generations in this country and their accomplishments.  You can read about Stephen Moore elsewhere on this blog and on my other blog

However, I have also been interested in my father's family, but there is not the same paper trail and I can go back only 4 to 5 generations.  What has long fascinated me is that a Paul Jeffreys and a Osborne Jeffreys traded at my 4-great grandfather's (Stephen Moore) store on Mount Tirzah.  Without success so far, I have tried to link Paul and Osborne Jeffreys to my family.

Here is a picture of my father with his brothers that I discovered.  My guess is that the picture was taken circa 1932 when my father would have been about 30 years old.

 --Back row: Frank, David "Elmo" (my father), Leslie;
Front row: Lyle, Grey (with sister Louise's son Earl in front of him), Alvin, and Marion. 

 It is interesting that this just includes the men.  Perhaps there is another picture of the sisters who include Louise and Hazel.  Christine the youngest daughter died at the age of six in a tragic accident.

Here are my grandparents, Florence and Rufus Jeffreys, which of course are the parents of the above brothers.
Here are pictures of my father along with his colleagues at the Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Tennessee. Group photo along with closeups lifted from the group picture:

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