Vanity Licence Plate

Do you have a vanity license plate on your vehicle?  What does it say about you?  Your name? Your ego? Your job? Tell me about your vanity license plate in the comments below.

For years, I had a vanity license plate on my vehicles which was simply my last name.  A couple of years ago, I gave it up because it had become too expensive to renew.

When I got my new plate, I asked the clerk if I could keep the old plate, and she handed it to me.  You can tell that I had used it for over ten years by how dirty it became.  That black moldy substance around the letters is below a plasticized covering, and I can not clean it off.


anne marie in philly said...

my plate is a picture of a pennsylvania railroad engine; it is not personalized per se, but is an affinity plate. my plate celebrates my state's railroad heritage.

we have other affinity plates: wildlife, the philly zoo, veterans, etc.

Anonymous said...

My plate is my Amateur Radio callsign. In VA, that is considered a public service plate, so it only costs $1 extra per year, like volunteer firefighters, rescue squad members, etc. I used to have RAPPEL, since I spent so much time "on rope", but I lost it when I went to SC and came back. Virginia is the personalized and affinity plate leader, I think. If you can presell 350 plates, you can get one made for your group (as long as it meets the requirements), and I think the group gets some money each year from the sale and renewal of those plates. Most vanity plates here are $10/year after an initial fee that is higher (yeah, like they pay the prisoners more to make your vanity plate than to make a regular one).

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

My father kept most of his plates; they hang in the garage and make a charming memento.
I've not had vanity plates but I fancy getting 'URSPO"

Ron said...

I don't know what happened to my original comment but here goes again. I have considered getting a vanity license plate over the years but never got around to it. Delaware must have the most boring license plate design in the nation; black and white with Arial font. I guess I'll just stick with what I have, boring as it is. I do have a low number though which in these parts is considered something of a status symbol for whatever that is worth.
Have a great day!

the cajun said...

It never crossed my mind. I always ask myself, "what for?" because here in Delaware one must also have a standard issue plate in the car at all times. Sometimes those things draw unwanted attention to the vehicle.