TMI: Does Size Matter?

1. How big is your TV Screen?  42 inches.
2. How big is your hard drive?  500GB on desktop with 1 Terrabyte back-up hard drive.
3. How big is your home?  About 1700 square feet.  Is it too big or too small.  It was too big when I first bought it some 20 years ago, but now with all my junk, it is too small!

4. How big is your waistline?  We are not going to go there because we all know that it is much too big.
5. How big are your pets?  MoJo being a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a normal sized dog with very short legs.  He weighs between 35 and 40 pounds.

6. How big is your car? A full size Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV.

7. How big are your biceps?   They droop below my arm, so  should I measure them there?  All my proximal muscles are wasting away with my limb-girdle muscular dystrophy.
8. How big is your ego?  Career wise, it was pretty big and I enjoyed being known as a leader in my sleep disorders and neurotechnology field.  Now I am just an everyday Joe.
9. Who's currently the biggest ass?  Ted Cruz!
10. Who's currently the biggest loser?  John Boehner!
11.  How big is your bank account?  Shhhh, that's a secret, and it will be an even bigger secret if and when I win the lottery.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! I'll fill in quickly, since I've been too busy to post:
1. TV=21", the computer monitor is a 24".
2. System=1TB, backups=2x 2TB
3. House =1500sq. ft. on 1/2 acre. Need to divest and get rid of stuff!
5. My last 2 dogs were between 85-90 pounds, Lab/Shepherd mixes.
6. Nissan Xterra. Love it! I fit in it!
7. HAHAHAHA Yeah, right.
8. Bigger than my house!
9. I agree with you! Ted Cruz!
10. Ditto, BONER for sure!
11. HARDEEHARHAR!!! Barely big enough to be a bank account!

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

so where is the bonus question?

David Jeffreys said...

That would indeed be TMI!